What does iView Learning offer you?

With comprehensive tutorials on Assistive Technology and Microsoft Office, it is the perfect addition to your Assistive Technology.

Our Tutorials Include:

  • Up to 90 second bite-size videos, for bite-size learning
    • Visual graphics to enhance the learning experience
    • Professional narrative
    • Optional subtitles for the videos
  • Printable PDF guides for each video

In Addition

  • *Live chat support with our fully certified Assistive Technology trainers
  • Available on multiple devices (i.e. laptop, phone,tablet)
  • Cloud based with regular updates

*Live chat is for DSA Students only

So what programs does iView Learning cover?

Assistive Software

We are constantly adding more videos to the Assistive Technology section, below are the programs currently available on iView Learning.

If you'd like to look into the system requirements of Assistive Software, check out our online guide here, which lists all of the popular Assistive Software programs, and their relevant system requirements. Ensure your machine can run these programs by checking the guide.

Microsoft Office

As well as Assistive Software, we have a selection of videos on the Microsoft Office suite, which helps to assist you in performing different functions and tasks within the various programs of the Microsoft Office suite.

Have you got a suggestion?

We are always adding more videos and content, in an effort to improve the training and guides that it can offer.

If there is a topic not currently covered by a video on the portal, or even an entire software program missing, that you feel should be on there, please just let us know using the form below, and we'll look into how we can implement this.